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Sedona is named after Sedona M. Schnebly the wife of the city's first postmaster,Theodore C. Schnebly. Various interpretations of this story suggest that he asked the government to name the post office Schnebly Station or Red Rock Crossing. Subsequently, he was told the names were too long, and following a suggestion by his brother, Dorsey E. Schnebly,he submitted his wife's name, Sedona. And so it was in 1902 the city of Sedona came to be. Today the town of Sedona attracts more than 4 million tourists annualy from around the world.

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Tourism is Sedona, Arizona's main economy and there are numerous aspects of this eclectic town that keep drawing repeat visitors, as well as newcomers. Many of these vacationers decide that Sedona is too awesome a place to just visit, so they decide to stay. Sedona is an artist town, a nature enthusiast and hiker's dream, and somewhat of a spiritual and New Age mecca.

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Sedona's helpful visitor center can provide a wealth of information about things to do and what to see in Red Rock Country and where to stay, eat and shop in Sedona, Arizona

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